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Hosted Website Projects

We have what you have been shopping for: Website Hosting with Christian honesty and services by a Christian Webmaster. We can help you win them on the web and stand with you to win in life. Listed below are some of our hosted projects.

SUBIP Dot Com is our technology website. We use it for database management, hosting inexpensive subdomains, a tutorial on simple website development, demonstrations of how sub-domains can be used in your marketing strategy.

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Christian Projects

Most Christian web projects are not officially 'non-profit' but seldom generate the revenue required to pay their own way. We here at Kratos Website can help Christians with getting their message out. We do not place any advertising on your website if you are using one of our sub-domians to get your message out. Each sub-domain site operates standalone like any other domain but does not require a domain name registration.

K S Radcliffe
KSRadcliffe Dot Com
This Christian project was custom built for a Bible teacher to present his lessons promoting "No More Bondange" to worldly religious systems. His teachings are available as free MP3 downloads a;nd teacher's notes also available for free download.

This website is built with custom features such as showing on the MP3 download page, the size, upload date and running time for each MP3. It also keeps a log of the downloads by file name, allowing the everyone who visits the site to see the popularity of his work.
Straight Bible Dot Com
Straight Bible Dot Com
This website is a seminar entitled, "Biblical Interpretation For All Of Us," and works with the principle that "all scripture interprets itself if read in context." Registration for the seminar gives access to all the lessons at once which are provided in both video and audio formats. It is self paced and even the lessons do not have to be taken in any parcticular order.
Straight Bible Dot net
Straight Bible Dot Net
This Domain is the future home of a seminar on holy spirit entitled, "The Power Of Holy Spirit For All Of Us." It will be presented as both audio and video. It is expected to be completed before the end of 2012.
Straight Bible Dot Com
Straight Bible Dot Org
This is the companion blog website to the Straight Bible Series. It is a WordPress based blog.
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