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About Your Kratos Websites Webmaster

Yophotoman I might be one of the oldest geeks you will meet. I have been a desktop user since 1988 when I first saw an Apple/Mac producing an invoice form. I joined the internet crowd as soon as it was publicly available when AOL first connected in 1994. From the day I got connected, I was hooked. I knew this was the next really big thing!

I began building websites a number of years ago when a small non-profit group needed a website. Producing a website that the whole world could see really got me hooked! Photography, graphic arts, retail selling and marketing, it all comes together on the Internet! But as a relatively new communication media I found many people do not have the over all understanding or skills to effectively use this information super highway.

To gain these skills myself, I returned to college in my mid fifty's to study technology. I studied business, webmastering, internet technologies, networks, network security, graphic arts and Linux administration. I finally attained a certification in Linux administration and two degrees in networking technologies. By then most people my age were planning retirement, not going to school. I only met one other student older than me in five years.

However, most companies continue to think of technology as a young man's field. I did find a job as a Linux network administrator but the company didn't follow though with their plan to implement selling the software that ran on Linux servers. Even though I was a Linux adminstrator, I was still fascinated with websites. I didn't make working websites a career until two business men approached me about helping them with that side of their business. Two years later, the web work subsidiary was separated off into its own business and "Kratos Websites" was born.

Christian Projects Hosting

Christian Fish Symbol Christian projects came about more like life happens than a plan. At the request of serval saints, I reassembled a Biblical Greek class that I had taught over 25 years ago but had put it away due to a lack of students in my area. However, the Internet happended in the mean time and it seemed approporiate to post the new class on a website. I registered a URL koinebible.net, for it and assembled a group of students. We recorded on video the sessions and posted them on line.

Then another Christian believer with a message, "Freedom From Bondage!" wanted a website to post his Bible teachings. That became ksradcliffe.com but the teachings and notes for them could only be downloaded. He then requested a sub-domain to play on line the MP3s of his Bible teachings. See that here on his Teaching HUB.

Now another project is in the works. The next one will be an on line seminar about Biblical Interepretation principles. It is based on the concept that all scripture will agree with itself if read in correct contexts. The URL for this new project is straightbible.com . This one will also be taught with video but it will be offered at the same time in audio format.